Hebrew Newspapers

Ziur Information Systems has a microfilm collection of Israeli Newspapers collection as of 1979 as well as supply sources for newspapers from earlier years. This collection is updated currently on monthly bases.
It is possible to subscribe for a year or purchase by years.

Ha'Aretz 1979-Current
Ma'Ariv 1979-Current
Yediot Ahronot 1979-Current
Jerusalem Post 1979-2007
Davar 1979-1996
Al Hamishmar 1979-1995
Globes 1983-Current
Ha'Tzofe/Makor Rishon 1979-Current
Ha'Modia 1964-Current
Yated Ne'Eman 1985-Current
Yom Le'Yom 1993-2007
Yom Hashishi 1987-1989
She'Arim 1979-1981
L'etzte Nayes 1980-2007

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