ebrary ebooks Models

ebrary offers a wide variety of models that enable libraries to acquire e-books strategically:
1. Subscription- A very affordable way for libraries to provide a base collection of e-books in single and multi-disciplinary subject areas.

2. Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA)- An ideal way to increase access to vast numbers of titles of the institution’s choice, and only purchase if they are used.

3. Purchase (Perpetual Archive)- Under this model, libraries may pick and choose titles. Choose single-user access, 3 USER access where available or unlimited multi-user access where available.

4. Short Term Loans- ebrary is the first e-book vendor to offer loans that are only triggered based on usage! This model provides an ideal way to affordably support any program, no commitment to purchase. Short-Term Loans are available for one or seven day periods.

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