360 Core

Powered by Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks, 360 Core delivers accurate and consistent tools for discovery, access, management, and assessment. Our proprietary data collection and standardization process delivers the most accurate holdings data and best available URLs to 360 Core. You can also add your library’s local holdings, including print and microform, to give your patrons a single comprehensive directory of resources at your institution.

360 Core provides a single point of entry to all of your e-resources. The A-to-Z title list, e-resource portal, Journal Linker, title searching, and subject browsing features provide a variety of options for access of your e-Journals and e-Books, all from Web pages that are branded and localized to match the look and feel of your library’s web site.

360 Core helps simplify e-resource management tasks using sophisticated web-based tools. It’s easy to view and add journals to your collection, evaluate your holdings, and reduce acquisition costs.

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